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Bike Adventures in EthiopiaPosted by Joakim Larsen Fri, August 25, 2017 12:27:26

Appetite builds up, when you bike in the highlands. And unlike the bland food you get in some African countries, the Ethiopian food is spicy and tasty. It varies from vegan, gluten and lactose free to high meat content…

Like the Italians love gnochi and pasta, the Asians have noodles and rice, and the Northern Europeans use the potato, so do the Ethiopians serve the injeera. It is a spongy sour-dough pan-baked flat bread, forming the basis of the Ethiopian diet. And it is served with a range of dishes. For the vegetarian different stews of yellow split peas, red lentils, or a spicy sauce based on chickpea flower, spinach and cabbage. For the carnivore, fried meat of lamb, goat or cow, different stews, fresh water fish, fried, stewed or slightly cooked, and chunks of raw meat served simply with a spicy chili powder dip.

On the photos:
SHEKLA TIBES; beef served sizzling on burning coals with fresh chili and onion. It comes with injeera and two hot sauces, one of them resembling a strong French mustard.
BAYENETU, injeera served with toppings of rice, potatoes, red beats, red lentils in chili, yellow split peas, spinach, shiro (a spicy sauce made from chickpea powder), a little chutney, some tomato salad and a cream of fenugreek seeds.
Enjoying a large pot of DORO WOT, spicy chicken stew with boiled eggs and injeera. It is typically served around holidays and special events.