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Biking Ethiopia Blog

15 things in favor of biking in Ethiopia

Bike Adventures in EthiopiaPosted by Joakim Larsen Fri, August 25, 2017 12:33:58

15 things in favor of a biking in Ethiopia

1. Visitors can enjoy a high level of safety
2. And get good value for money
3. The Ethiopians are friendly and hospitable people
4. Many speak English
5. Ethiopia is a mecca for coffee lovers
6. The food is tasty, and there are good options for vegans
7. New tarmac roads lead from the center to the remotest parts of the country
8. For the off-road cyclist, plenty of trails take you far into the countryside
9. Ethiopia has eight sights on the UNESCO World Heritage List
10. The cultural variety is unique – this includes the music
11. You can participate in an array of colorful cultural and religious festivals
12. The nature varies from low dessert, savanna, wetland and rain forest to alpine mountains
13. And it offers a range of unique geologic phenomenon
14. Visitors can easily fly between cities and travel comfortably by air conditioned car
15. Available hotels span from high class international standard to local guest houses

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